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If you are visiting this hub on behalf of your organization, consider the following opportunities:

Submit A community event

Whether it is password protected or open to all, register your organization’s event with NDN.ME to reach community members outside of social media accounts.

Submit a resource

Know of resources or services that will uplift our community in these times? Have them listed on our COVID19 Resources page!

At present, the NDN.ME platform is entirely free. 

As of now, only organizations with organization-based usernames can submit virtual events to our calendar and/or live stream through our platform. 

You may submit an event within 72-hours of the event. We ask that you do so as far in advance as possible, however. 

Once you submit the event, the NDN.ME team reviews your event to ensure it follows our Community Guidelines. Once approved, the event will show on the NDN.ME community calendar. 

To submit a resource for families impacted by Covid-19 from your or another organization that we may have missed, please follow the button entitled “Submit A Resource” above. 

NDN.ME provides your organization with guest access in order to set-up the live stream event for your organization. NDN.ME users will be able to watch your event without creating an account and have participant access to the event chatroom. NDN.ME will password protect your live streams upon request. A representative will also be able to assist you with technical questions upon request. 

Yes. If you are hosting an event that is limited in capacity or private, NDN.ME will limit access to your live stream with a unique password. Guests will not need to create an account.

No. Users do not need to make an account to view the event. They will also have access to the chat feature.

No. Users do not need to link to any social media account.

They can access the event by simply accessing typing “NDN.ME” in their web browser. Then, users can either click “Watch Live Now” or follow a link generated for the event. There is no account needed. They will be able to view the event live. 

The event will be archived. Private videos will be archived with the unique password generated by the organizations. 

At this time, we do not have capacity to manage RSVPs. 

NDN.ME can stream up to 5 events at once. 

Events that are submitted to NDN.ME will be live streamed on NDN.ME, but can also be sent to other platforms, such as Facebook, Zoom, YouTube, and more.

It is encouraged that organizations stream through NDN.ME to allow individuals without social media accounts to participate and feel a sense of community. 

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